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BinStar isn’t like other shopping experiences.

You might be surprised that BinStar doesn’t have aisles or typical shelves with the same products every day. Actually, our inventory changes every day.

You never know what you’ll find inside a torn up shipped box or ripped packaging. Get ready to dive into our bins and dig around for your next treasure!

Hi, I’m Binny. We’re going on a treasure hunt! Let me show you how it works…


Dig up great deals in our bins

We source returned items and overstocks from retailers and brands, large and small, and fill our bins with them.

That’s where the fun comes in for you! To get to treasure hunting, take a big yellow and black bag, and follow the treasure map into the bins. (You can buy the bag to carry your treasures at checkout if you’d like!)

Then, dig in – and dig up – great deals on items that range from AirPods to Ziploc bags and everything in between. As you’re digging, toss the items you don’t want into the center bin.


Buy your treasures

Choose your own savings adventure, with items in all sorts of categories, from electronics to household appliances to clothing and many more.

We always say, “One person’s ‘return’ is another person’s treasure.”

Need help? Ask a BinStar team member in a yellow shirt! We’re here to make your treasure hunt as fun and enjoyable as possible.


Save the landfills

Did you know that nearly 10 billion pounds of high-quality returned merchandise is tossed to landfills every year? We’re talking usable products literally thrown away like trash!

We scoop them up to bring you great deals – so you can help us save the landfills with every purchase.

Visit BinStar and turn trash into your own new treasure.


(and we mean DOZENS) of deals at daily changing prices

I love great deals!

Every mixed bin item — ALL DAY LONG***








Every day savings


per item
every day


per pair
every day

** Friday Deals after 4pm: $1  *** price per bin item, while supplies last 

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